Singapore/Washington April 20th, 2019

On the heels of a seventh consecutive World’s Best Airport title, Singapore Changi continues to impress with the opening of a new building, aptly named The Jewel

With its futuristic Utopian-garden architecture, the Jewel is located in the heart of the complex formed by Terminals 1, 2, and 3.  Flight-Report was able to take part in pre-visits that took place the week prior to the official opening.

The Jewel is easily accessed via elevated covered walkways from Terminals 1,2, and 3. The new building is located entirely within the “landside” public zone, making it accessible to passengers and the public alike.

Walkway from T2

The walkways from the Terminals arrive on the L2 level of the Jewel, giving an impressive view of the building’s biggest attraction, the Rain Vortex. At over 40 meters highs, this towering feature is the world’s tallest indoor waterfall.

The amazing Rain Vortex

We continue our visit exploring L5, a level dedicated to relaxation and entertainment for all ages. The Sky Train network has been extended and goes right through the new building.

Sky train and Rain Vortex

The main attraction of this 5th level is the Canopy Park: 14,000 square meters dedicated to entertainment and relaxation as well as a large section of restaurants and cafes.

Vast indoor garden

Not all of the park’s attractions have been opened during this pre-visit. According to Changi, the site will be fully operational within two months.

The L5 level is an idea place to find some peace and calm between flights.

Let’s head to the L4 level, which is a shopping mall.

On this level, you’ll find Asia’s first Yotelair. This short-stay hotel offers small rooms for as little as 4 hours, ideal for some rest on longer connections.

The reception area has self-service check-in

Also on L4, the Changi Experience Studio (opening in May), is an innovative space offering an immersive experience showcasing the Singaporean airport’s past, present, and future, as well as a look behind the scenes of the airport’s workings.

The L2 and L3 levels are dedicated to shopping and restaurants, with many offering a beautiful view of the Rain Vortex.

On L1 there is a space for early check-in…this new building almost makes you forget that you’re in an airport!

Classic check-in counters

There are many participating airlines. The early check-in service is available up to 3 hours prior to departure.

Every alliance is represented.

Automatic bag drop-offs are also present in the check-in area.

The baggage drop-off is located across from the new duty-free area, as well as a baggage storage service. The many services offered in this new terminal really have the passenger’s needs in mind.

A new lounge is also located in this area. This new independent pay-in lounge is currently only accessible for a fee–airline frequent flyer cards or lounge access programs like Priority Pass currently don’t offer access.

The peaceful and beautiful Shiseido Forest Valley can also be admired from this level.One can appreciate the work that went into making these zen spaces–in such a hot climate, the temperature inside this glass-covered building is perfectly comfortable yet warm enough for the tropical flora.

The B1 and B2 levels are also dedicated to shopping and restaurants. This area offers a different perspective of the impressive Rain Vortex.

As if Changi Airport, with its garden areas, cinema, and rooftop pool, didn’t already offer an amazing passenger experience, the innovative airport continues to set itself apart with this fantastic new terminal. The new space comprising the Jewel was built at an expense of $1.25B, but will surely be a good source of revenue for Changi.

Unlike most airports around the world, Changi continues to prove that it is a destination unto itself.