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Hi there! Glad you decided to pay us a visit 🙂


An awesome community of Flight-Reporters has developed over the years in the original French-language version of and we hope to build that same kind of community feeling here in the English-language version. Flight-Report periodically organizes Meet-ups and group trips where Flight-Reporters can get together. Flight-Report is a unique community with a diverse membership from all over the world bringing a wealth of knowledge and experiences.


If you’re a new member, Welcome, we’re glad you’re here! Tell us a little something about yourself in the comment section below. Since I posted this it’s only fitting that I start. My name is Kevin and I live in Washington, DC. I typically fly anwhere from 70-100K miles a year and DL/AF are my preferred carriers.


Your turn 🙂


Kevin (KevinDC)

Community Manager and Moderator

Article rédigé par Kévin Le 12 September 2013

Kevin is a Franco-American AvGeek living in Washington, DC. He runs the English site and has a vast amount of airline industry knowledge, having worked in several roles in commercial aviation.

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11 comments on “New to Flight Report? Introduce yourself!

  1. Nice intro. I’m Will, I live in Slovakia and I’m loyal to Star Alliance when I can, I fly 30-40k miles a year.

  2. Thanks for sharing Will!

  3. I am Andrew. Originally born in Medan, Indonesia but is now an Australian live and work in Singapore. I fly mostly Singapore Airlines and Garuda Indonesia and belong to the freqeunt flyers programs of both airlines. I also like KLM and Lufthansa a lot as my choice of European airlines. For the NA airlines, I usually fly with Delta.

    I am very new here and I will start posting my first 2 trip reports on Garuda First Class.

  4. Hi Andrew. Welcome! Looking forward to seeing your first reports! Garuda First promises to be a good read.

  5. Hey guys, I’m Mark, born and bred English guy. I fly with virgin Atlantic about 5-7 times a yearto America (all for pleasure) and have recently come across the cool website! Can’t wait until my next trip to write about it.

  6. Hi Mark. Welcome to Flight-Report! Can’t wait to see your reports on VS!

  7. Hello, I’m Romain.
    I’m French, but I’ll write this intro in english, since more and more english readers seem to read this site. I’ve been reading this site for a long while now, but I hadn’t created an account yet.
    I’m not much of a travellers nowadays (I take the plane about once/twice a year), but I love airplanes and travels. I grew up on Reunion Island, so I used to fly a whole lot more, and that probably explains my love for “exotic” destinations.
    I have a blast reading the FRs for now. Hopefully I’ll post one worthwile someday too.

  8. Welcome Romain! We love exotic destinations as well.

  9. as a french, I’m quite disappointing with Air France service which is not in a good trend… I’m platinum and I only fly with SkyTeam. I’ll change when I’ll have Platinum forEver – still 6years to wait :'(

    I just want to check If I’m the only one disappointed with AirFrance and see your comment on other Airlines…

    Next trips (btw now and mid december 2013)
    . Nice (FR)
    . Catania (IT/Sicilia)
    . Las Vegas (US)

    and in btw, surely Zurich several times….

  10. Hello/Bonjour! My name is Ben. I am an aviation enthusiast since I was a kid. Absolutely love to be on an airplane but I dont have the time (or the money) to fly as much as I would like to. Aeroplan member since 1991. Want to try Asian carriers since they seem to be the best. Love to read all your flight-reports!

  11. Hi from Jaye, Brisbane Australia. I fly about 20 times a year domestically for work and a couple of fun trips to Europe and Asia. Belonging to Virgin Aus Velocity means I’m usually flying with them or SIA or EY. Love reading the trip reports on this site and working up to posting my own.

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